What Is New About Windows 8


Windows 8 is the newest operating system to hit Microsoft computers. It was released to the general public just over a year ago, though beta testing in select markets has been going on for quite some time. So far, Windows 8 has received generally moderate reviews, with some complaining that the interface of the operating system itself is too similar to that of a smartphone and not really designed for the traditional computer user. On the other hand, many have championed the operating system’s modern, sleek appearance and its ease of use.

One of the newest things that users of Read more on this Article!

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Could T1 Internet Save Your Small Business?


The key to this question requires us first to understand exactly what t1 internet service entails and how it works. In short, t1 internet usually involves a t1 line or cable, which basically means that all your data and information is being transferred as digital traffic through fiber optic lines. What this means is that the t1 line can carry upwards of about 24 voice channels or transfer data at a rate of a little over one and a half megabits per second – that’s 60 times faster than an average home modem.

Because these can handle so much, they are typically used with smaller operations to provide small business internet service. They are also more dependable and can handle quite a bit of traffic from all across the state. Need to use your Florida T1 internet connection to contact someone through their internet connection? No problem. A T1 line can move over 190,000 bytes a second which means hundreds of users can be on without any significant slowdown. And while larger businesses would certainly need something a little more substantial, a t1 internet connection is perfectly suited for small businesses and the superior performance can, in many ways, more than justify the cost per month.

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What Operating Systems Support The New USB 3.0


Universal Serial Bus, or USB is a cable connection method used on all computer systems. This allows you to transfer data between one device and another, such as a computer and digital camera, hard drive, or other mobile device. There have been several main upgrades with the USB connection, and most recently the USB 3.0 came out. This is one of the Read more on this Article!

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How Does The Wireless Charging Mat Work


If you are like most individuals, you probably have several devices you need to charge. This ranges from a mobile phone to MP3 player and just about everything else in between. Directly connecting the equipment to a charger requires you to bend over, fumble behind a chair or table, and plug the device in. However, with the help of a wireless charging mat, you no longer need to do this. The charging Read more on this Article!

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The Latest Iphone Apps available Online


If you are looking for the latest iPhone applications, you don’t need to look very far, as these are available for download directly through the Internet. Of course, you can also download these games from your iPhone, but you need a strong Internet connection to perform the download process. The price of the applications are going to vary, although rarely are going to pay more than a Read more on this Article!

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What’s New About The New Iphone


The new iPhone has several new features that it’s predecessor did not. Thanks to the new dual-core A5 chip, the new processor gives over two times more power and is up to seven times more faster than the previous iPhone. This obviously helps with launching apps, web browsing and playing games while giving the phone an excellent battery life.

Siri is the assistant program that is built directly Read more on this Article!

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Whats New In The World Of Technology


Technology seems to advance at such an alarming rate these days. It doesn’t take much to look around and realize that our computers and phones are becoming more and more advanced by the second. Phones have transformed from clunky things with buttons everywhere to small shiny screens that require touch interfaces. The biggest advancements in the world of technology these days are tablets. Every company seems to have one and there are a few good things to talk about within Read more on this Article!

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