End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning Ideas

Before moving to a new place, one of the foremost considerations you should make is your end of tenancy cleaning. Nothing says that you should leave it to the property owner. In fact, leaving it to the property owner is one of the worst ideas because you often get overcharged and may end up losing your deposit. The best option, therefore, is to carry out the end of tenancy cleaning by yourself and here are some ideas on how best to do that.

What it means to do it yourself

Essentially, when someone says to do it yourself, it means doing the work personally. However, in this case, it means carrying out end of tenancy cleaning without the involvement of your property owner. Therefore, you could always hire an end of tenancy cleaning service, which might be the best idea if you are not confident in personally cleaning the place. However, you can also call the end of tenancy cleaning service and ask for a checklist, saving you the time it takes figuring out what to do. What you need to pay attention to is your tenancy agreement to ensure that you don’t do things that might lead to losing your deposit.

Damage is inclusive in the cleaning

Some tenants tend to leave the damage to the house to the property owner, which is a terrible idea. In fact, this might be the most surefire way to lose your tenancy deposit. Any damage that occurred to the house within your tenancy period should be repaired by you before moving.

Don’t forget the exterior

If you have an exterior, especially a garden, you should consider it as part of the house and focus on it during your end of tenancy cleaning. Pay particular attention to the maintenance of the shed, especially if the tools in the shed were provided at the beginning of your tenancy period.

In-house cleaning

Top-down cleaning is the best way to describe what you need to do for your end of tenancy in-house cleaning. You should focus on everything, especially when it comes to the kitchen, living room and bathroom. It’s not just about the cleaning the floors and surfaces for visible stains. You should also remember to clean the carpets, curtains, windows, furniture, stairways, and hallways. You might even have to repaint the walls where necessary.

End of tenancy cleaning can be quite stressful especially if you have no idea where to start. Therefore, it is in your best interest to call an end of tenancy cleaning service, especially if you wish to get your security deposit back.