News Hurricane Barry

News: “Hurricane Barry Weakens But It Might Cause More Damage in New Orleans “

According to the National Weather Services, Hurricane Barry should not be underestimated because it might cause unanticipated problems. 

After hitting Louisiana as Hurricane 1, Hurricane dropped to a tropical storm which continues to block roadways and has barred residents from exiting their homes 

First, with the Mississippi River containing unparalleled water levels, New Orleans could be susceptible to massive damage from the Storm Barry. Forecasters had warned of enormous flooding with massive rains between 25-50 cm.

While Gov. John Bel Edward thinks the waters may not rise above the levees, NWS believes otherwise. If the storm changes its direction or force, the Governor’s assumption could be wrong.

Weather experts and hydrologists indicate the Mississippi River has never had as much water levels. The River levels meant, New Orleans faced a more significant threat than the one caused by Hurricane Katrina where many people died. 

NWS had issued a hurricane warning, and also pointed out that the cities West of New Orleans up-to-the Grand Isle were likely to have a hurricane, and residents should evacuate. In Lousiana, there were mandatory evacuations of over 8000 people.

Another cause for worry, as per NWS, is the slow movement of the storm, which will likely result in massive floods and potentially lead to huge rains and a far smaller hurricane.

Hurricane Barry started on Friday, hitting the towns of Louisiana. While some people had already evacuated, others had to be saved by the National Coast Guard at a sinking strip of land in the southwest of New Orleans. Power lines and trees are also down leaving nearly a quarter of homes and businesses in Louisiana in a limbo

The Governor has urged residents to have ample supplies for their families, pay attention to weather reports from the media. He further reiterated the residents must stay calm due to the unpredictability of the storm and the duration the rains may last.

On the other hand, New Orleans city mayor La Toya expressed her worry over the city pumps incapacity to pump out water levels while citing the enormousness of the floods. 

Forecasters have now downscaled their earlier predictions of rainfall levels to approximately 10 cm. Also, while the floods are enormous, the Mississippi levees or Louisiana leeves have not been breached. 

Hurricane Barry, is the first hurricane, in the 2019 season of the Atlantic. There was predictions of 8-15 storms in the year, with 4 -6 of the storms predicted to be Hurricanes.